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Cryptographic license in Poland

Information technology has long been an integral part of business, but now we are witnessing processes of deep digital transformation through the emergence of new technological solutions that are closely integrated with each other and with business processes. According to the new legislation, cryptocurrency entrepreneurship is a licensed activity

At the same time, such companies must pay all necessary taxes, including corporate tax and contributions to the pension fund for employees. To get a license for cryptocurrency in Poland, you need to meet several conditions. First, the most important rule is the absence of criminal record, which must be confirmed by a certificate in the form of the Ministry of Justice of Poland.

Secondly, persons involved in virtual currencies and representatives of Polish cryptocurrency companies must have knowledge in this field. This requires training or a course on how to interact with virtual money and at least one year of work in the cryptocurrency industry. All this must be confirmed by official documents.

Today, cryptocurrency is legal in a number of countries. Exchanges have long been legal. The popularization of decentralized payment systems and cryptocurrencies has led to a huge increase in the value of assets. Their price is formed by the demand on the markets.

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DevOps as a service

DevOps (Development Operation) is a system of methods to improve the efficiency of software development and operation processes. This result is achieved with the help of automation tools in the process of combining and active interaction of employees of specialized departments of the company under the control of DevOps-engineer

At the planning stage, DevOps engineer helps to decide which architecture the application will use, how it will scale, choose an orchestration system.
Next, he configures the servers, automates code validation and pouring, environment validation. Then it automates testing, solves deployment tasks.
DevOps is a methodology in which developers take functional responsibility for their applications. This includes not only code development as before, but also operational tasks: releasing new versions, managing the lifecycle of their code (updates, database migrations, etc.), tracking its behavior over time through monitoring and logging.

This approach has greatly increased productivity and efficiency. If developers take full responsibility for the life cycle of an application, it means that they are blocking feedback on code performance in reality. And performance problems are identified by those who were responsible for running the code. Information about the application goes directly to developers and designers, which optimizes the user experience with the application.

DevOps is a set of practices aimed at automating and integrating processes between software developers and IT teams so that they can create, test and release software faster and better.Development. A centralized repository for all code versions is organized.

DevOps brings people, processes, and technology together to create high-performance teams that create perfect products. By optimizing teamwork and increasing productivity, the following goals can be achieved:

- speed to market;
- adapting to market conditions;
- support of stable system operability;
- reducing the period required for recovery.

The essence of the DevOps philosophy is that each employee not only does his or her part of the job, but is also responsible for the ultimate performance of the product. The problem becomes a common one, DevOps engineer functions are distributed among different team members with different specializations.

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