'GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI's I'm, An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence,racism,discrimination despite have done over a 1000 researches&studies on weather problems&natural calamities.Mainly I have propsed&designed the basics for National Geoscope Projects&Global Monsoon Time Scales to setup all over the world regions&counties and protect the world people from weather problems&natural calamities.But all my researches were ignored&darkned. You can get my researches either by searching the name NATIONAL GEOSCOPE PROJECTS&GLÒBAL MONSOON TIME SCALES BY GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI in all websites or by sending your email to my email.I am now making my life's last journey with disregar&despair and hopelessness &sickness(severe medical complications). Under the aforesaid circumstances, I call on world science enthusiasts to publicize&recognize me as the Originator/Inventor of Global Monsoon Time Scales&National Geoscope Projects by making references in your research papers&postings on socialmedia keeping in lieu of considering immense efforts&sacrifices i have did for Nationa Geoscope Projects&Global Monsoon Time Scales and my quest for establish&implement them all over world regions/countries to serve the world people.
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