PHOTON IS A GREAT UNIVERSE having gigantic internal structure&properties just like as Atom having electrons protons neutrons and our Geouniverse having galaxies stars planets.What's more, the photons have Earth-like planets on which there are continents,oceans,countries and civilized humans are also living. Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology is proposed by me in 1977 with many intentions&ambitions to study the origin,structure,nature and evolution of the universe and to explain the mysteries of the creation such as first one.Find out my theory in all websites by searching it's name IRLAPATISM-A NEW HYPOTHETICAL MODEL OF COSMOLOGY BY GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPAT.Kindly accept my hypothesis and recognize me as the Originator of the Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology by making references in your publications in lieu of considering my immense efforts and sacrifice I have bearded in postulating this theory and my quest to break the mysteries of the Universe&use it for mankind.Make further research&develop,promote&propagate it .

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