'BASICS OF GLOBAL MONSOON TIME SCALES are proposed&designed by me in 1991 for all world regions&countries to study the global monsoon systems. Find out them in all websites/searchengines by searching its aforesaid name or putting a region/country name in replace of the word "Global" just like as BASICS OF AUSTRALIAN MONSOON TIME SCALE BY GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI. Recognize me as the Inventor of Basics of Global Monsoon Time Scales by making references in your research papers. I request the world scientists to coduct further researche on the Global Monsoon Time Scales, computerize them. If have trouble in making the Global Monsoons Time Scales, kindly contact me and take my assistance. I will create a model. Global Monsoons Time Scales for you as specimen and help you in inventing the Global Monsoons Time Scales.

I am an unfortunate Indian scientist with an ideal to serve the people through scientific researches.Despite being oppressed&not getting research opportunities, I built a small lab at my house and did over a 1000 researches&studies on anticipating weather conditions& natural calamities. Among them following are important.

Bioforecast: This is an easiest and interesting forecasting method.I designed it based on the similar principles such as how creatures sense weather changes&natural calamities in advance. This research can be done easily at home with simple researches and experiments.

Weather Periodic Time Scales doesn't requires any researches.Weather changes and natural calamities can be assessed by simply studying the numerical weather periodic tables.

Geoscope warns earthquakes in advance. Earthquakes can be detected by designing the Geoscope in both simple and hitech methods.

Global Monsoon Time Scales are very useful to study the past present and future movements of monsoons and it's weather changes&natural calamities in advance.

A NewHypotheticalModelOfCosmology: Unravel the mysteries of the universe by studying this theory.

Indian Monsoon Time Scale: Particularly I have invented the Indian Monsoons Time Scale along with other global monsoon time scales which can help to study the past, present and future movements of monsoons and it's weather problems&natural calamities in advance.

However much efforts did tho, I couldn't get encouragement&recognition either by governments&organizations or by science community&publicity.My researches were ignored&darkened and my doctrines were angered the fundamentalists&superstitioius. Political recommendations&officials support, cash&community, region&religion may play a key role in giving support&opportunities, awards&rewards, respect&recognition. I am now making my life's last journey due to disregard&despair and suffering from severe medical complications. It is not known how long I will live, or when I will die.
Under the aforesaid circumstances I am making this request.Kindly find out my researches in all websites/searchengines by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI or if you send your email to me, I will send full details of my researches. Do further researches on my inventions&discoveries, promote&propagate them, recognize me by making references in your research papers&postings on socialmedia.Use them if they are useful to your researches and take my assistance.I will assist and contribute my thoughts to your researches.Even if you do not need, if you have any friends who are doing researches on climate and hazards let them know this.

Besides these researches, I tried to findout many other things based on some ideas. But I am not giving support&opportunities to conduct experiments on them. My goal is to keep entire underground into the control of Geoscope to break the mysteries of the underground, exploring underground resources,,predicting geological hazards, creating artificial rains by attracting sea waters to the desert and rainshadow areas,creating artificial storms and making them our control and moving them to the rain shadow areas, traveling into the past by using Time-Machine,Space-Machine, restoring and recreating people in the past by images that are preserved in the earth magnetic fields, traveling into the atom etc. but couldn't complete due to lack of support&opportunities. I am making this request that if world scientists have any technology in future that recreate humans of past, kindly remember&recreate me to complete my uncompleted missions together with world great scientists.

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