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Why is Spirit Airlines so Cheap?

Undoubtedly, the question is common: why is Spirit Airlines so cheap? There are innumerable reasons behind this. Now let us look at some of these. Flying with Spirit airlines is like flying a la carte. The advertised bare fare price of Spirit Airlines is just for the flight with extra facilities. Extra items are listed below:

Seat Selection: If you want to sit behind your family you have to pay extra charges.

Extra legroom: If you have a problem with cramps then you choose the seat with extra legroom.

An Extra Wide seat: Upgrading of the big front seat can be done. Bringing a large carry-on bag: You have to pay extra fees for bringing a 64-liter carry-on bag.

Checked bag: You can also bring it but by paying charges.

Printing of the boarding pass: If you need spirit in printing your boarding pass it will cost you $10.

Changing & Cancellation of Flights: If you have to change the date or cancel the flights. There are charges involved in it.
If any issues contact Spirit airlines phone number


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