This week we will mostly be concerning ourselves with reflection and anticipation. A flood of family descendants on Loose Pass home this week made a remark of actual rugby rather tricky. But it is perhaps ok, after all, this has been a year with a sufficient storyline to fill numerous columns when looking back. Who would have supposed, for example, that the England Rugby side would be under new leadership ahead of the Rugby World Cup? Even after another unsatisfactory Six Nations at the end of March, who would have supposed that?

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England Rugby World Cup: We now buckle up for the Rugby World Cup year to come

It remnants a source of permanent disbelief for Loose Pass of the Rugby Football Union’s capability that they either waited so long or, having done so, could not reproduce on the very clear realism of what Eddie Jones often noted: that the one time he had all his players composed for a continued period of training time he was able to navigate all manner of problems and reach the Rugby World Cup final?

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