Former England, Japan, and Australia coach Eddie Jones believe the France Rugby World Cup 2023 will be the most fascinating yet and that numerous sides are capable of lifting the Webb Ellis Cup in France. Speaking previously this week with Kyodo News, Jones supposed he hoped the oval ball's flagship tournament could follow the new FIFA World Cup and crop more upsets and shocks than ever earlier.

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England Rugby World Cup: RWC 2023 is wide open, and will be the most fascinating yet, says Eddie Jones

"A tiny country like Morocco and a tiny country like Croatia made the final four," Jones supposed, referring to the just-finished soccer tournament in Qatar.

In rugby, it's not so much about the populace, it's more about custom, so what's to say two smaller countries cannot make the final four? See if you had a final four of New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and Fiji. Imagine how captivating that would be perhaps not too captivating for Ireland or France World Rugby's current top two states, but no reason couldn't hap

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