The inordinate thing about the Six Nations in a Rugby World Cup year is it’s even bigger and better. I truly trust we will see the best Rugby World Cup in rugby history in 2023 because there are three northern hemisphere sides France Rugby team, Ireland, and England Rugby team who can win it and there are the three big southern hemisphere sides who are receiving better all the time.

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England Rugby side WIN Six Nations and France Rugby World Cup 2023

The best way for one of the home states to lay down a marker for the Rugby World Cup is to win the Six Nations ideally with a Grand Slam.

England Rugby World Cup side

England can win the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup. The more I think about it, the happier I am about Steve Borthwick’s appointment as head coach. I capped Borthwick in 2001 and I was satisfied he spoke about his time playing under me when he was revealed by England.

He spoke about the posters we had on the walls which repeated the players of numerous aspects of our game, but most highly to reme

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