The draw for the France Rugby World Cup 2023 is poised to take place in Paris tomorrow with French President Emmanuel Macron in their presence. There may be three years to go earlier the tournament is scheduled to get ongoing, but qualified sides are due to find out who they will be opposite. The rivalry consists of 20 teams including regnant champions South Africa that will be haggard into four pools of five.

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French President Macron to attend France Rugby World Cup 2023 draw

Twelve countries have straight capable of the tournament by asset of a top-three place in their pools at the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. These teams are sowed based on their world rankings as of January 2020 and will be placed into three bands of four teams. The remaining eight nations will come through the regional condition process, which is not predictable to be finished until November 2022, and they will be owed into bands four and five.

But for France, which will be drawn first as the host country, all will be arbitrarily drawn to

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