Kevin Sinfield, whose fundraising activities have topped £7 million, has unveiled his first challenge as England Rugby defence coach. The cross-code rugby legend has put himself on the task of urging squad boss Steve Borthwick’s eldest son to swap his Australia shirt for an England one. Steve referenced his boys and one of them wear an Aussie shirt, Sinfield told as he began his new job. We want that boy to be in an England Rugby shirt.

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France Rugby World Cup 2023: Sinfield reveals his next challenge after becoming England Rugby side’s coach

Girls are to also be in that white shirt. That’s the bit we can positively motivate. Positively it comes across how vital that is for us. Borthwick had previously shown the greeting he had from nine-year-old Hunter when sending him home following his choice to perhaps the biggest job in rugby.

“I walked in the door and Hunter is going towards me, he supposed. He is holding this ball in his hand and I’m thinking to myself he is going to give me this great hug”.

So, one difficulty is t

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