How is Growing Number of Surgeries Driving Surgical Site Infection Market?

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Because of the growing geriatric population, introduction of minimally invasive procedures, and surging prevalence of chronic and skin diseases, the number of surgical procedures has risen significantly across the globe. Since older people are more susceptible to diseases, they often require surgical intervention in order to treat the disease. A number of diseases as well cannot be treated with just medicines and surgery is needed for effectively tackling the disease. Due to this growing need for surgical procedures, the prevalence of surgical site infections (SSI) has increased considerably as well. SSIs are infections that occur up to 30 after a surgical procedure and affect either deep tissue or the incision at the operation site.

Several products are needed for curbing surgical site infections, including wound irrigation products, antibiotic prophylaxis products, clippers, antiseptics & disinfectants, wound care supplementary products, wound care dressings, patient-warming products, surgical drapes, and surgical staff clothing.

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