Which is Largest Female Fertility and Pregnancy Rapid Test Market?

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As members of the animal kingdom, one of the basic instincts of humans is to birth the next generation, to ensure the survival of their clan. In earlier times, there was no sure-shot way of telling if a woman was pregnant in the early phase of the gestation period. In those times, women would mostly look to a cessation of menstruation, but since an irregular menstrual cycle can also be a symptom of a disease, it was not always an accurate way of ascertaining pregnancy. With time and technological advancements, women can now purchase home-use pregnancy test kits.

Thus, with technological advancements and easy availability of these products, the female fertility and pregnancy rapid test market is expected to grow at a healthy pace around the world. In fact, these test kits are so popular in the Western world that ‘Peeing on a stick’ has become a common phrase, depicted in TVs, books, and movies.

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