CAR-T Cell Therapies: Addressing Key Unmet Needs Across Various Oncological Indications

Amidst the active initiatives undertaken to develop more targeted anti-cancer therapies, CAR-T therapies have emerged as a promising option, given their ability to eradicate tumor cells from the body with minimal treatment-related side effects.

Further, CAR-T cell therapies, relatively recent addition to the gamut of anticancer interventions, has demonstrated significant promise. Overall, this highly specific and promising form of CAR-T cell therapy treatment, which harnesses the versatile effector machinery of the human immune system, has revolutionized cancer treatment, globally.
At present, more than 5 CAR-T therapies have been approved for several hematological malignancies, including KYMRIAH® (Novartis), YESCARTA® (Gilead Sciences), TECARTUS™ (Gilead Sciences), Breyanzi® (Bristol Myers Squibb), Abecma™ (Bristol Myers Squibb) and CARVYKTI™ (Janssen Biotech / Legend Biotech). In fact, more than 170 companies are engaged in the development of over 970 early and late-stage CAR-T therapies, worldwide.

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