Booming Chemical Production Fueling Worldwide Demand for Inorganic Salts

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With the mushrooming consumption of salt, expansion of the agrochemical industry, and surging application pool of inorganic salts in the chemical producing industry, the worldwide demand for inorganic salts is soaring. Inorganic salts are heavily required in the chemicals industry, as they are needed for use as the primary feedstock in the production of synthetic soda ash and chlor alkali. Moreover, inorganic salts, such as magnesium oxides are extensively used as antacids in the pharmaceutical sector and also as ‘epsom’ salts in the cement manufacturing sector.

Additionally, inorganic salts, such as calcium salts, zinc salts and nitrates, and ammonium phosphate are heavily used as fertilizers in agricultural processes, owing to their ability to enrich soil nutrients. Furthermore, zinc oxide is an important component for the vulcanization of rubber during rubber processing. Inorganic salts are also used as catalysts in animal feed in small portions.

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