VidAI Review - How Does It Work? [App By Billy Darr]

VidAI Review: What Is It?

VidAi is a brand-new app that Allows You To Create Reels, Shorts, TikToks & Videos Using The Power Of A.I.

It includes Built-in 1-Click Video Editor For Overlays. And you can share The A.I-Powered Video Created To Multiple Sources. There’re also Affiliate Monetisation & Done-For-You Offers Built-In included in VidAi.

This App Does All The Work For You! (In Just 3 Steps…)

STEP #1: Enter Any Keyword
Enter Any Keyword & The A.I App Will Curate Hundreds Of Videos You Can Use As Shorts, Reels Or TikToks In 60 Seconds…

STEP #2: Select & Customize
Select The One You Like, Customize It By Choosing From 200+ Built-In Templates, Thousands Of Stock Assets, Fonts, Shapes, Images, Overlays & More…

STEP #3: 1-Click Share
When You’re Happy Either Download Or Share To 100 Traffic Sources Directly From The App In 1-Click…

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