Antiviral Drugs Development: Are we Prepared for the Next Viral Pandemic?

Infectious diseases are known to be one of the top 10 leading causes of deaths, worldwide. In-fact, more than 40 million people are affected by various types of infectious diseases annually.

Further, it has been around three years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and yet, shows no signs of disappearing. An article published in The Lancet journal reported that COVID-19 pandemic caused death of over 18 million people in 2020 alone. In addition, it has been reported that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), one of the leading viral diseases is anticipated to be the cause for 6.5 million deaths globally, by 2030.
It is important to note that, currently approved antiviral drugs are capable of targeting only 10 of the 220 known viruses, responsible for causing multiple life-threatening infectious diseases in humans.

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