4D Bioprinting Market: Key Trends

4D bioprinting refers to the addition of a fourth dimension that enables 3D printed structures to change their shape with time with the help of smart biomaterials, which have the tendency to morph in the presence of stimuli (such as, heat, light, electricity, magnetic energy, stress).

Various industry stakeholders and academicians have undertaken several initiatives to further develop / improve this technology for a variety of applications.

Why not opt for 3D bioprinting?
The application area of 3D bioprinting includes the printing of living cells and enables the development of highly complex tissues that mimic the structure and performance ability of desired organ, within the body. Although 3D bioprinting results in the printing of an exact replica of primary human organs, however, the printed 3D objects are inert and static in nature and are unable to change shape when subjected to environmental changes. 4D bioprinting makes this possible as the incorporation of a fourth dimension enables these structures to change their shape with time.

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