New Holland 3600 Tx Tractor Specifications and Pricing - TractorGyan
The New Holland 3600 Heritage Edition tractor is packed with powerful features and cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, it has the potential to improve the simplicity and efficiency of farm activities. The tractor is also one of the best models for farming and small-scale business applications. As a result, the 3600 Heritage Edition tractor can efficiently undertake fieldwork for farmers. This tractor features a 2700 CC engine with a rated speed of 2250 RPM and can produce a maximum output of 47 HP. The engine is water-cooled for maximum efficiency. This transmission has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, with a top forward speed of 33.24 Kmph. This tractor has a 6-spline transmission and a 43 HP PTO. The tractor is well-known for its on- and off-road prowess. Every farmer can afford the New Holland 3600 Price. The price range for the New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition is Rs. 6.95 – 7.59 lakh.

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