Paris 2024: Fourfold IHF Men's Big showdown victor and double cross. Olympic Games gold medallist Jérôme Fernandez assisted with sending off the visual character. The Olympic Paris and Paralympic Games on Wednesday.

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Previous France skipper Fernandez, seemed multiple times for his nation. Scoring 1,463 objectives, was joined by Tony Estanguet, Leader of Olympic 2024. Emmanuel Grégoire, First Delegate City chairman of Paris, Laurent Mazaury. Sports VP of Holy person Quentin-en-Yvelines, and Julie Matikhine. Brand Overseer of Paris 2024, at the sendoff occasion in Holy person Denis, north of the French capital Paris.

Paris 2024: The Look

The visual character is known as The Vibe of the Games. The design will be utilized to dress each rivalry scene. Along with the towns and festivity locales that will be decked out. The Games tones for quite a long time, as per the Paris 2024 Getting sorted out Board of

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