Skin tags are tiny lump that receives the folds up of the skin. Paradise Skin Tag Remover are not unsafe. It is not painful except for instances where it gets aggravated by continuously massaging on another skin or clothes. Tags show up in the folds of the neck, in the underarm, in the folds of the groin, in women, generally, under the bust where underwire of the bra might aggravate the skin. Tags are smooth, slightly wrinkled flesh that hangs in a stalk. They are a bit darker in color compared to the skin around it. They are can small as a pin head. There are some tags that can be regarding a centimeter in diameter. It is reported that skin tags incident could be given from one generation to an additional, ie hereditary. Also sex would impact the tendency of creating skin tags. Ladies often tend to have a greater propensity to establish ugly skin tags.

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