Digital Therapies: The “Digital Pills” of current generation

As per United Nation’s report, the current global population stands at around 8 billion and expected to reach 9 billion by the end of 2030. This increase in population is accompanied with a rise in the incidence of several chronic disease indications.

In fact, as per a report published by National Association of Chronic Disease Director, by 2030 this increase of the chronic condition would cost the US economy about USD 2 trillion. Furthermore, the lack of medical awareness and vulnerability in the medical infrastructure is believed to make the things more complicated in the coming future. Therefore, in order to cater this need, a number of stakeholders have come up with the innovative solution of digitizing the healthcare industry with next generation tools, such as artificial intelligence, digital therapies, telemedicine, electronic health records and others. It is worth noting that these next generation techniques have demonstrated significant potential to improve the quality of lives of individuals suffering from chronic conditions.

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