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How to Reset Epson Printer?

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Are you having problems with your Epson printer? If yes then don’t worry because here you will get accurate information about the same. Epson printers are the best quality printers and are used for printing, scanning and many more. They have built-in software or firmware that counts the number of prints you use the printer. Each Epson printer model has a set limit, exceeding which displays a flashing message that will inform you that "The printer needs maintenance". This message will continue to flash until you reset the internal counter, this period is called overflow. We can reset all brands and types of Epson printers very easily. Everyone wonders how to reset Epson printer, but it is easy to do. If you want to do that, you need to follow the steps below.

Open the "Control Panel" of your Epson printer, usually it is very close to the digital display.
Then you need to find the button that says "Pause" or "Reset".
After that you need to hold it down for about 5 seconds and the counter will be recharged.
Test if the counter has now started from the first print.

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