How to Use Qumulo’s Built-in Security Controls for Data Protection

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The cases of online data insecurity at both personal and business levels have grown tremendously over the recent years. Therefore, securing data protection methods is essential.

How to Use Qumulo’s Built-in Security Controls for Data Protection

Ransomware threats due to data breaches have placed companies and businesses in so much trouble. For this reason, the demand for data protection has grown over recent years. Qumulo offers businesses in-built security that provides controls that enable data protection.Qumulo offers businesses solutions that enable them to reduce risks of attack, disaster recovery leverages, and establish threat actors. Furthermore, it ensures that businesses can quickly return to their operations.

  1. Three forms of information security controls

IT systems have three major categories for the control of technical security. The three types include;

  1. Corrective controls

 Corrective controls work best after a cybersecurity attack has occurred. Its main aim is to reduce data loss and destruction of information systems. It also ensures that systems are restored almost immediately.

  1. Detective controls

 The detective control is, as the name suggests, its work is to act as a detective. It detects an event of a cybersecurity breach attempt. Additionally, it also detects when a cybersecurity breach is in progress or successful. Detective control is in charge of notifying personnel of cybersecurity.

  1. Preventive controls

Preventive controls primary function is to help businesses or individuals to avoid issues regarding cybersecurity.

  1. Qumulo software design

Qumulo is made of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) design. Its architecture is also software only. It provides essential data and information services such as replication, snapshots, auditing, quotas, and role access control design. Its main work is to guarantee data protection.

Qumulo customers connect to the cluster where they request particular files for the typical write, read, delete, and modify operations. The file system then accomplishes the appeals made and return the files to the client while at the same time ensuring that they meet the protocols by the customers issuing the requests.Qumulo core runs multiple nodes. The nodes are put together to develop a single namespace (single volume) and scale-out Network Attached Storage cluster. The connections are then allocated among the nodes to optimize capacity and performance.

The files in Qumulo are then divided into small data blocks, encrypted automatically, and dispersed evenly between the nodes in the Qumulo cluster via the latest coding algorithm erasure.Qumulo core runs using cloud infrastructure stages, such as Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. It also runs through industry-standard hardware. On all the platforms Qumulo is present, it uses the same management practices and code that helps it utilize the security aspects and its most excellent practices everywhere. 

Additionally, Qumulo has a low-cost cloud damage recovery as serviceability. The service ensures that customers can replicate their data in the event a disaster occurs. Furthermore, Qumulo can also remove redundant data centres that lower capital costs.

The IT departments and enterprises face a lot of challenges in trying to defend against cybersecurity attacks. But Qumulo offers the best advantage as it ensures proper utilization of the in-built security for attack minimization.Data protection is significant in the world today. Therefore, Qumulo ensures that your system has recovery options in the event a data breach happens. Additionally, Qumulo is very cost-effective.

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