How to Maintain Fusion Extensions?

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Fusion extensions have a significant advantage over other choices because they seem much more natural and require less maintenance.

How to Maintain Fusion Extensions?

Fusion extensions, sometimes called bonding or pre-bonded extensions, are hair extensions that are keratin-glued right onto your hair strands. Although these extensions usually cost a little more and only last a few months, they are well-liked.

Fusion extensions have a significant advantage over other choices because they seem much more natural and require less maintenance. We have information for you if you want to learn more about maintaining the pristine appearance of your extensions.

Wait to Wash Your Hair for 2 Days After Getting Extensions

Once your extensions are in, don't touch your hair for a few days. This will allow the bonds' adhesive enough time to fully cure. Also, it will give you some time to get used to how your new hair feels. Just be patient with your hair for a while. You can brush or style it if you want to, but your extensions will probably stay longer if you let them rest for 48 hours.

You need to have received a list of recommendations for maintaining the fusion extensions from your stylist. If you want to avoid having to dash back to the salon to get your extensions fixed, heed their advice.

Keep Heat Away from the Bonds

The keratin links will dissolve using a hot roller or curling iron. If you have fusion extensions, you can still use hot equipment and products on your hair if you keep them at least 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) away from the bond. Your extension could come undone if the connections heat up too much.

Use the lowest temperature setting on your hair dryer and avoid the heat setting.

Use a Non-Sulfate Shampoo 2-3 Times a Week

You can use your regular shampoo as long as there are no sulfates. Sulfates harm your hair and may deteriorate your bonds more quickly than they would otherwise. To find out if there are sulfates, check the ingredient list. If there is, switch to a gentler shampoo for your hair. Try to limit how often you wash your hair to three times per week.

If you need help deciding whether to avoid getting shampoo on the bonds, ask the hairstylist who inserted your extensions. Generally speaking, that's okay, but it all depends on the glue they used. Please be careful not to handle the bonding area excessively.

Wash Your Hair with Your Head Tilted Back

Your hair roots will be exposed to the water's pressure. Shower or wash your hair with the water running down your head in the same direction your hair would naturally hang. Although it won't likely come out if you spray water directly on the keratin adhesive, doing so could shorten the lifespan of your extensions.

Keep Your Hair Dry When You Aren't Shampooing

Always keep your hair completely dry on days when you don't wash it. Water can break the connections, causing your hair to soften and fall out. As the minerals in the water will wind up seeping into your hair, this is especially problematic if you aren't shampooing. It's best if you can maintain your hair as dry as possible.

Use an anti-tap water product on your hair if it does get wet to prevent the minerals and nutrients from destroying the connection. If you prefer, apply a leave-in conditioner.

Brush Your Hair to Detangle It But Avoid the Bonds

Avoid the bonds and use an extension or round vent brush. Do you detect a pattern here? Keep the ties in place! Untangle the roots above the bonds or the extensions below the bonds. Before getting into the shower and before going to bed, thoroughly brush your hair. Your extensions won't mat and tangle as a result.

Separate the Bonds by Hand if They Get Tangled

Every day, take a moment or two to break the bindings. The bonds will spread farther from the roots as your hair grows. As a result, the linkages may entangle with one another more frequently. Remember to use your hands to cut individual bonds every day. Although it seems insignificant, it will significantly increase the longevity of the extensions.

Don't do this with a brush. Since the bindings shouldn't "stick" at all, it is unneeded and could even be detrimental.

Wear a Loose, Protective Hairstyle When You Sleep

Put your hair up in high ponytails or loose pigtails before bed. Sleeping directly on the bonds will hurt, and the strain from your head's weight could make them loosen. By wearing your hair up so that you won't lie directly on the bonds, you can protect them.

Use a satin pillow to also prevent friction and tangling.

The first few nights might feel weird if you've just gotten the extensions. The feeling should go away in a few days.

Never fall asleep while your hair is wet. Ensure the hair and its bonds are dry before bedtime to avoid matting.

Keep Your Hair out of Sun

The extensions may become loose if they are exposed to too much light. Wear a hat or head scarf if you'll spend a lot of time in the sun. This will safeguard the area where the hair extensions are bonded and prevent them from coming out too soon.

Protect the Bonds from Wind with a Scrunchie

Strong winds may pull or tangle the fusion extensions, so shield them! Put your hair up in a loose ponytail using a thick scrunchie, then position the scrunchie directly over the bonds. This will protect your hair from the wind and stop tangles before they get out of control.

See a Stylist Every Six Weeks

Regular maintenance is necessary for fusion hair extensions. Plan to visit your hairdresser every two months or so for a checkup. Your extensions' bonds may get slack over time, and one or two strands may eventually fall out. The stylist can tighten any slack extensions and replace any lost strands.

Bring the strands to your appointment if you find any lost extensions. The stylist can reintroduce these. If your extensions are a different tint or color than your original hair, they can dye your roots.
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