Why You Should Be Excited About the Bilstein DampTronic X Suspension on the Maserati MC20

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Why You Should Be Excited About the Bilstein DampTronic X Suspension on the Maserati MC20

Why You Should Be Excited About the Bilstein DampTronic X Suspension on the Maserati MC20

Maserati's MC20 is the brand's newest automobile. The Bilstein DampTronic X suspension system, for example, is a cutting-edge innovation in this cutting-edge sports vehicle. Work on the company's new flagship supercar strategy has been ongoing. We're going to find out why this new release is so exciting in this post.

A 90-degree V6 turbocharged engine powers the car. It is possible for the car to achieve 621 hp thanks to a prism between the spark ignition systems. A power-to-weight ratio of 2.33 kg/hp is the result.

Lightweight carbon fiber monocoque is used to build the chasers. This vehicle's weight is kept to a minimum at 1500 kg because to the use of cutting-edge composite materials and innovative construction methods. Furthermore, the suspension system is cutting-edge.

Unlike conventional shock absorbers, dynamic shock absorbers are completely independent and compact. It was designed expressly for this vehicle's needs. Aside from that, the vehicle has been tested on a variety of surfaces, including rainy roads.

Faster than a second, the DampTronic X technology changes damping forces. The goal is to meet the standards specified by the central control unit. Sensors for measuring oscillations and vibrations are also available. For optimal performance and comfort, the EDC unit also adjusts wheel damping. Suspension qualities can be altered depending on the driving mode.

It also has a default mode, which is designed for normal driving. Besides that, the suspension is made softer in order to maximize comfort. In addition, it reduces the engine's noise level to a reasonable level even at low revs. At 5000 RPM, the active exhaust is activated.

On the other hand, if you're driving on slick or muddy roads, switching to this mode will provide you more control. Reduces the dampening force of the shocks and limits the engine boast in order to achieve this goal.

You will get the most out of the car if you select the sport mode. At high speeds, however, the vehicle's suspension will become more rigid. The damping forces can be altered by overriding the suspension settings.

The vehicle's undercarriage is protected from sharp ramps and speed bumps thanks to innovative technology that raises the vehicle's ground clearance up to 1.9 inches over the original level. As a result of its dynamic suspension technology, this vehicle is capable of delivering both great performance and comfort at the same time.

There will be a new supercar on the market this fall. The beginning price of the car, on average, is expected to be around $210,000.

MC20's Bilstein DampTronic X Suspension was introduced in this video. Hopefully, this post will be useful to you.


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