How Can An App Like UberEats Thrive Restaurant Business In The Pandemic?

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Build an app like ubereats and grow food delivery and ordering business next level

How Can An App Like UberEats Thrive Restaurant Business In The Pandemic?

Today, for almost every business, it is mandatory to have an online app platform. This is because the rise of penetration of apps in the lives of people has tremendously increased. Hence, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs to switch their businesses online to satisfy people's needs.

The apps for various businesses were also launched in the market. Whether it is a grocery business, restaurant business, taxi business, massage business, etc., the people can fulfill their needs through an application by performing taps on their devices. Thus, the people loved the apps, and as a result, they quickly adopted the usage of apps.

The revenue of the mobile apps from all over reached $318 billion in 2020, a year of a pandemic, due to the higher preference of people for using applications. Despite apps being launched in all the market sectors, the food delivery sector got an immense rise.

As being the superpower, the businesses in the US were progressing at supersonic speeds. The restaurant businesses were implemented with apps. The apps which were launched are UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, etc. Among them, UberEats got a massive rise in the market after Doordash. 

Thus, by getting enormous traffic to these apps, the local restaurateurs were planning to build their applications for their restaurant businesses to grow well in the market and adapt to the current ongoing online business trend. Now, let us consider the market stats of the food delivery market in the US.

US Food Delivery Market Stats:

The majority of citizens of the US often prefer to have their meals at restaurants, getting them ordered online or visiting the takeaway restaurants. Thus, there was an overall rush for getting the restaurant meals amongst the public, which also boosted the usage of apps in the market.

                                                  Source: Statista

Thus, from the above figure, we can know that the market for meal delivery is rising in the US at a constant pace. Let's go through the following statistics of the US meal delivery market:

  • The revenue of the US meal delivery market is assumed to rise with a CAGR of 9.69%, which would result in a market value of $96.37 billion by 2026.
  • Concurrently, there are two giant players in the US food delivery market, namely Doordash and UberEats. 
  • Doordash stood first in the US food delivery market with shareholdings of 55%, while UberEats was the second with shareholdings of 22% in the market.

Therefore, by going through the above statistics, we can clearly say that UberEats is the most significant competitor of Doordash in America for meal delivery service. Hence, the local restaurateurs got the idea to develop app like UberEats.

List Of Top 3 Companies Providing App Like UberEats:

Due to the significant amount of traffic received by UberEats, the entrepreneurs were also motivated to build their UberEats-like app for their eatery businesses. Here is the list of some companies which provide the development of an app like UberEats:

Elluminati Inc

The company serves the development of app like UberEats and provides app and web development solutions to many businesses. They are also known for providing excellent solutions to their clients for their businesses. The businesses receive a must-required solution to satisfy the client's demands.

SVAP Infotech

SVAP Infotech is the prominent UberEats-like app development providing company. The company has also offered 250+ apps solutions to its clients. In addition, they are known for giving good after-development support to their clients.


The firm is offering UberEats-like app development solutions to its clients. The company has also worked with clients from over 45 countries across the globe. They are renowned for establishing the best relations with their clients to work freely with them.

Thus, by communicating with the companies mentioned above the requirements and ideas regarding an app, the entrepreneurs can get their app developed according to their business requirements. So now, let us go through how an app like UberEats can turn out to be beneficial during the pandemic?

How App Like UberEats Beneficial To Businesses During The Pandemic?

During the pandemic, many local small businesses have slowed down drastically. Here, an app like UberEats for restaurant businesses comes to the rescue. There are benefits of using the UberEats-like app in the pandemic, which fulfills the customer needs and can have your business fluently going. The benefits which the entrepreneurs receive in their businesses are stated below:

Higher Customer Reach:

  • As of the COVID-19 pandemic, the customers preferred to stay in their homes. The lockdowns in the cities were applied in which the restaurant businesses were not allowed to operate offline. 
  • Thus, during this time, an app like UberEats came to the rescue for restaurateurs where the restaurant businesses were only allowed to operate online. The restaurateurs with an app can perform their businesses without any legal objections, along with providing various discounts and offers to consumers.
  • Thus, the probability of higher reachability occurs because of application.

Easier Business Management:

  • There was a massive relief to the restaurateurs as they could manage every business component through an app.
  • The various business components they can access through an application is they can manage the users of an app, analyze the earnings of the restaurant and the employees, and generate the salary report on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. 
  • These functions can be performed through an app that makes the business easier to manage.

Rise In The Business Profitability:

  • As the efficiency of business increases it attracts a larger volume of targeted audiences through an application, hence it results in the rise of business profitability.

Parting Words:

As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to create a similar app like UberEats, then you can go through the firms mentioned earlier in the post. Shifting your restaurant business online through an app is an ultimate choice for your eatery business, as the people prefer to use apps for getting the food delivered to their doorsteps.

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