How do I reset my ProtonMail password?

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How do I reset my ProtonMail password?

Protonmail is a secure email service that provides privacy and security. It is quite different from the regular password-changing method which webmail provides. There are some of the Protonmail reset password steps that can help to get back to your email account with the recommended process.


Step 1- visit

Step 2- Click on the “ Get help” link below the “login button” 

Step 3- use the “forgot password” link and follow the reset process as usual.

Step 4- click on reset password and enter your Protonmail username and recovery mail.

Step 5- Confirm the decision in the box which appears and be sure about understanding the proceeding, which will prevent you from being able to decrypt the contents of your inbox.

Step 6- while waiting for the next step, you will be sent a recovery code. However, be sure to leave the recovery web page open while waiting for the email to arrive in your system.

Step 7- Once you get the email, enter the recovery code, followed by the “reset password” button.

 After this, another window will appear, warning you about the happening when you proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Finally, enter a new password and tap on “Reset Password” to complete the process. 

Using the steps mentioned above, you may know how do I reset my Protonmail password in a secure and easy manner. If you are still facing issues, then follow the above-described steps or contact the customer support team for instant help.

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