Why Some Women Play Hard to Get (and What to Do About It)

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Keep in mind that an interested woman will want you to think she’s something special, and one way to do that is with her sparkling

Why Some Women Play Hard to Get (and What to Do About It)

Even if you’re the type of sugar daddy who likes love best when it’s straightforward, it’s hard to deny that the chase can be thrilling, too. This is especially the case when you’re sugar dating or enjoying the process of getting to know a brand new sugar relationship.

It’s like unwrapping Christmas presents on Christmas morning. The uncertainty and anticipation are part of the fun, and that remains the case for everyone, no matter how old they get. But why do some women who want to be caught outright play hard to get, and how can you tell the difference between that and genuine disinterest? Let’s unpack the answers.

She wants to know what you’re really about

Sugar daddies aren’t the only ones who have likely been around the block a few times and are tired of being played by potential relationship partners. That gorgeous sugar baby you’re so interested in right now is mighty tired of it, too, and she wants to make absolutely sure you’re the right type of guy before she invests herself in you.

Playing hard to get can be a way to test a man and see whether he’s genuinely interested or simply looking for another pretty toy to play with. So your girl may well be trying to gauge how serious you really are about her and whether you think she’s worth the effort.

She likes how validated it makes her feel

Some women – especially if they’re the type of sugar baby who loves to be spoiled 24/7 and treated like a princess – need attention and validation as surely as they need oxygen. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s crucial to be able to identify when you’re dealing with a woman who’s that way, so you know what you’re getting into in advance.

Attention feels good, especially to women who like relationships with men who enjoy catering to them and spoiling them. Playing hard to get is one way to see in advance how much attention a particular sugar daddy might give her if she ever decides to take that next step.

She’s still evaluating her options

These days, most people don’t date just one person at a time – especially in the beginning. If things are still early for you and your would-be sugar baby, the chances are pretty good that you’re not the only one she’s considering right now. And if that’s the case, she’s likely actively trying to see who’s right for her.

Again, playing hard to get is a great way to see whether she’s at least potentially dealing with a man who will make her a priority. It’s also a solid way to buy herself a little extra time to make a decision if she’s torn between more than one option.

“Hard to get” and “not interested” look eerily similar

This is especially the case when a woman you’re seeing is the mysterious type and hard to read, in general. If she likes you, she may not want to let you know that definitively until she’s got a better read on you. She wants you to think she’s maybe not that into you so that you’ll want her more and try harder to get her. In other words, she could well look entirely indifferent on the surface, even if she’s crazy about you underneath.

The key to telling the difference is her overall behavior. Does she push you away only to eventually return to flirt and rekindle your interest? If so, she’s likely just playing hard to get. A woman who genuinely wants you to leave her alone retreats and stays wherever she retreated to, so make sure she’s at least occasionally sending you good signals.

Know all the signs of genuine disinterest

Still not sure whether it’s worth your while to continue pursuing this particular sugar baby? Take a close look at some of the little details of your interactions – like your text or chat interactions, to name just one key example. 

Does she take forever to answer any of your messages? When she does answer you, are her answers always short, vague, or otherwise lackluster? Does she make any effort to hold up her end of the conversation? If not, that’s a pretty clear sign she’s not interested and likely hoping you’ll give up soon.

Keep in mind that an interested woman will want you to think she’s something special, and one way to do that is with her sparkling, flirtatious conversation. She won’t just ghost you altogether, act like she’s doing her best to bore you to death, or refuse to even entertain the idea of spending time with you in person.

In other words, the signs that a sugar baby is merely playing hard to get may be subtle, but they’re always there. Just keep your eyes peeled, and be honest about what you see.


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