Things to know if you are going to be in a second marriage

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We generally heard about failed first marriages but most people are lucky the second time.

Things to know if you are going to be in a second marriage

This is a common question at some point of time in our life about any wedding or Punjabi marriage. We generally heard about failed first marriages but most people are lucky the second time.

The reason for a failed first marriage would be, despite lots of dos and don’ts; most individual ideas of married life are torn apart when reality strikes. One may often fail to understand how to handle situations or deal with reactions.


There are different habits, ideologies, personalities, and thoughts clashes that later emerge as a reason for the separation.


However, if you want to try your luck the second time, you have an experience of what may come forth and how to handle it.


Some of the common reasons why second marriages are successful and happier


  1.     You know what you want and looking for: the reason behind any failed marriage could be the vague preconceived idea of any perfect marriage or a life partner. It's not a romantic movie or a novel that comes with a happy ending and everything is perfect. However, with the second marriage, things change, since now you want what you need.
  2.     Sense of gratitude: after one failed marriage or death of a partner, an individual will take time to get back on track. In such cases, they lose all hope of finding an ideal match. However, when they get anyone a second chance, they want to cherish it to the fullest and express gratitude towards it.
  3.     The couple understands each other: during the second marriage, couples are grounded and look at each other as human beings. They try to spend more time getting to know each other well before or after marriage, as they do not want to take any chances.
  4.     You are wiser with time: maybe in the first marriage, you were in your dreams and were naïve. You do not have any experience of married life. With your second marriage, you are smarter and wiser. 
  5.     More practical in decision-making: In a second marriage, people are more practical, and they have accepted the reality. Having experiences from the last marriage this time you are practical and not living in dreams.
  6.     You wanted to be honest: from prior mistakes, in the second marriage, both partners want to be authentic and honest. This works and their marriage lasts longer. So, if you want to have a successful marriage, just try to be real and honest.


Cautions required before dating for the second marriage


  • Be honest with yourself about what you want from dating and the person you date.
  • Your family and friends would think from a different angle from you. Considering their perception is good, but never forget that this is your life. There is no need to please everyone, including your kids.

· You are not a kid; you are mature enough to take any decision. Try to avoid the revolving door of dates where underage kids are concerned. It is totally up to you whether you want to contact any matrimonial sites or want to have a love marriage.

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