How Can I Get My Money Back from WestJet?

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Read the blog or call the helpline number of westjet for more details about Get My Money Back from WestJet. You will get the good information about WestJet customer service.

How Can I Get My Money Back from WestJet?

WestJet understands every issue of the passengers and allows you to obtain all the services online at their website. Sometimes, you need to cancel the reservation due to unexpected circumstances. For this, passengers look for a flight ticket refund with WestJet airlines. They asked about the procedure to get my money back from WestJet before the scheduled departure. For this, you can follow the given points accordingly:

  • Initially, you must open the WestJet airlines official website on your suitable device.
  • Then, you must select the manage reservation option on the website.
  • At there, you can add the reservation code with the passenger's last name and tap on the continue button.
  • You will find the booking details with WestJet airlines on the new screen.
  • From that, you can choose the appropriate flight and tap on the get my flight refund option.
  • You will proceed to the new screen, where you can see the refund form that you need to fill out and add the relevant details.
  • Once you tap on the submit button, your WestJet refund request will be transferred to the representative immediately.
  • Hence, you will receive the confirmation message at your registered email id regarding the refund request.

Although, you can also get back your eligible money from the customer service team of WestJet. For this, you can dial the WestJet customer service phone number and follow the automated voice commands. When your call connects, you can speak with the representative and ask them to apply for a refund with WestJet airlines.

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