Kitssmoke2snack Your Local Vape Shop Vancouver

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Let us reward you for your loyalty with points with every purchase. Keep those points, and we'll give you discounts on your subsequent purchases.

Kitssmoke2snack Your Local Vape Shop Vancouver

Based on your area, there may be a local bar you frequent, a local store that you frequent to purchase food items or a gas station in your area that you frequent more frequently than other people. My question for your consideration is, "Do you have a local Vape Shop Vancouver?"


Since being a vape shop customer since 2014, I remember going to my first vape shop. It was located in the downtown area of Vancouver and was nothing more than a gap within the walls. They offered proprietary liquid that they created themselves with at most three or four hardware choices.


Be aware that between 2014 and 2015, there weren't many options to choose from compared to the current standard decisions. Apart from one store, I didn't know of any alternatives across BC since the use of vaping was still relatively new at the time. In 2021 and the choices for shops are numerous. Even in small towns like Mission and Chilliwack, there is a chance to find six stores or more within 10km of each other.


Kitssmoke2snack was initially an individual store in Port Coquitlam in 2015. It was a local vape shop for many customers who visited the store in its first year. We began to expand our company in the initial year, and our second location was launched, quickly followed by the third, fourth, and fifth stores. In the past five years, we've expanded to have 26 locations across British Columbia. However, we remain true to our roots as an independent vape shop in the local area, apart from the number of places now has grown to 26.


The biggest challenge in expanding a company this fast in a short period of 5 years is keeping the stores on the same page. One of the most significant features a local vape shop can possess is that it comes down to two fundamental components of single total customer service and experience.


As the author of this article and an employee at Kitssmoke2snack, I believe that we should never lose sight of our roots and remain true to what initially made the local vape shop successful. Our stores are popular because we have become a popular store due to the wide range of options we offer our customers. We've always been known for providing every color combination, gadget, a wide variety of juice options, and the best selection of the above items.


As any company expands, particularly one with more than 26 locations within five years, everyone will likely encounter problems that grow. We certainly have experienced plenty of difficulties, but learning from them and adjusting to them helped us improve our operations and adapt to the industry's changes.


Our aim of becoming your go-to local vape shop is built around a few things:


Customer Service


We are committed to providing the highest customer service at all our offices. In 2021, we planned to implement a training program for all our sales representatives. A permanent instructor will travel to every location to offer instruction on customer service and technical knowledge, troubleshooting problems, and more. We are convinced that our employees can improve and grow to reach better customer service standards.


Product Availability


It is exhausting when you visit the local Vape Store North Vancouver and hear them repeatedly say they're not carrying the flavor you like best with the strength you prefer. This can make you decide to buy another brand or shop at a competitor's store. We are aware of this, and it breaks our hearts. That's why in 2021, we'll be implementing complete inventory management. Each item will be tracked, ensuring that, so we can keep it under Our control, the preferred liquid will be available.


A Location Near You


If your preferred vape store has located a distance from your daily commute, This could lead you to shop at an outlet closer to where you live. Each year, we expand our stores and have multiple locations within one city. We ensure that all our sites are within a reasonable distance, no matter where you might be.




We understand that the vape hardware isn't a permanent fixture. The typical life span of a device for vaping is around six months. We want to ensure that the first few weeks of use are without issue, and that's why you'll have a guarantee for your device during the initial few weeks to ensure nothing is wrong. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, if an issue occurs, there is a warranty. If you encounter an issue, you can simply go to an online store and take the box to us to assist you in resolving the issue.


Big Selection


In certain areas, we offer more than 1000 different flavors to pick from. We ensure that you'll never be bored. We constantly introduce new brands, so you'll never get bored of our selection.


Competitive Pricing/Sales


There is always an offer, regardless of which date of the week. We don't need an exact date to hold an offer, but all of which occur and change every week.


Loyalty Points


Let us reward you for your loyalty with points with every purchase. Keep those points, and we'll give you discounts on your subsequent purchases.


We appreciate it if you're currently using any of our stores as your vape shop of choice! If this is the first time contacting us, we'll be delighted to have you visit one of our stores. We would love to have the chance to earn your trust. We will strive to surpass your expectations!

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