How do I Install Quick Heal Antivirus on Another Laptop?

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Quickheal Antivirus software is a kind of software that protects your laptop and PC from viruses, spyware, malware, and other malicious threats.

How do I Install Quick Heal Antivirus on Another Laptop?

It is among the best app user can install to protect laptops from unnecessary viruses interrupting the work. If the user wants to install Quick heal Antivirus on laptopsthe following steps will help you install quick heal antivirus on the laptop.


Start the laptop and go to the browser using good internet connections.

Step 1- Go to the official website of Quick Heal Antivirus and find the antivirus set up.

Step 2- Download the app set up on your laptop and wait until it gets finished.

Step 3- After downloading the app, open the antivirus set up by going to the download folder.

Step 4- Run the installation of the Quick Heal App on your laptop.

Step 5- The License agreement box will appear as soon as the installation gets completed.

Step 6- Tap “Yes” and allow antivirus to scan your laptop. 

After this, it will create a shortcut icon on your windows homepage.

Hence, using the methods mentioned above, users can install Quick Heal Antivirus on their laptops. It is the process without using any hard disc like DVD or CD. One can follow the easiest and most convenient way to install the app. One can purchase licensed quick heal software to work quickly and protect it from viruses, performing the task anytime the user needs.