why everyone is going crazy for Kraft pillow boxes- 6 amazing facts

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Kraft pillow boxes are simply matchless in the packaging realm. From their protection capacity to adding beauty to the product, here is everything you need to know.

why everyone is going crazy for Kraft pillow boxes- 6 amazing facts

Here's why everyone is going crazy for Kraft pillow boxes- 6 amazing facts



Kraft pillow boxes are simply matchless in the packaging realm. From their protection capacity to adding beauty to the product, here is everything you need to know. 

Kraft pillow boxes are the indispensable inclusion to your product packaging to make a statement and cut through the competitive clutter. They are made from well-structured Kraft stock that is sturdy enough to impart a packaging strength to deal with physical stressors. Excellent printability is another big plus that enables you to stay a step ahead of the competition. Customers not showing interest in the products packaged in an ordinary box design is understandable. This is for a simple reason, i.e., it is not exclusive enough to spike the customers’ interest. The creative design of pillow packages is powerful enough to persuade the clients for a specific product prioritization. 

Intrigue customers:

When displaying your products in a retail setting, perception is everything that makes or breaks your sales. Owing to their exquisite shape, custom pillow boxes make your products appear unique to the customers’ eyes. When looking around the retail shelves, the visitors are looking for a product that gives some luxurious vibes. These packages, with their impeccably designed Kraft texture and structure, provide a premium feel. Not just that, they also make the audience believe about the product quality that moves your sale graph upward. The most compelling effect of these packages lies in the generation of curiosity about what the inside items are. In quest of having a glimpse at the packaged items, the shoppers end up buying them. 


Efficient protection skills:

When purchasing the items, the only thing that matters to the customers is getting the promised quality. Any compromise on the quality can subject you to product returns and shipping losses. Custom pillow boxes possess some excellent skills that cushion the products perfectly and prevent any sort of damage. The arched design is made up of corrugated flutes, and adjacent Kraft layers serve a great deal in trapping the heat inside. Direct exposure of the items like candles to the heat may cause fire and result in their meltdown. This special design creates perfect insulation and prevents the outside heat from accessing the candles. The interlocking tabs at both of their ends put a halt at the entry of contaminants that affect items’ quality. 

Sustain healthy bottom lines:

Like many other brands, your primary concern would also be to stay in line with your budget constraints. The set budgets are often quite limited, and you need to strictly adhere to them to maintain a good profit margin. The more you exceed the limitations, the lower is your business monetary output. Kraft pillow packages are a fine investment for your business to abide by the restricted budgetary requirements. The material intake in the making of these boxes is quite low, and you do not even need to spend extras on the side locks. Another cost-saving opportunity for you is the purchase of pillow boxes wholesale supplies. Even there is no need to design new packaging boxes as they are recyclable and offer impressive reuses with top quality. Their design optimization also allows you to save maximum on your transit expenses. 

Varied functions:

Printed pillow boxes can package anything ranging from small to medium-sized products such as cosmetics, food, and medicine items. They are usually not good to strike with items that are usually larger. They can perform multiple functions apart from just protecting and presenting your items flawlessly. For instance, they can accompany your marketing materials when you are planning to provide some exclusive giveaways to the target audience. They propose some personal usages as well upon certain design modifications. Decorating them with beautiful add-ons like ribbons can transform the exterior look that makes them perfect to be used as gift packaging. Apart from that, they are also efficient at launching and establishing a name of newer items by grabbing undivided attention. 

Classic customer experiences:

The interaction of the potential clients with a product goes a long way in determining whether you care about them or not. If they get a personalized experience, there is a great probability of you getting an increased word-of-mouth share verbally and visually. Ordinary packaging designs are so simple that they propose no additional value to the customers. Kraft pillow packages showcase your efforts towards customer appreciation with their easy-to-open side locks for quick product access. They develop some pleasant feelings while the clients are interacting with your items. This classic experience creates unforgettable memories and impressions in their minds that ultimately boost your brand loyalty. 


Environmentally sound option:

The increasing inclination of modern-day clients towards a healthy lifestyle is forcing many brands to go green with their products. Unfortunately, that is not enough to encourage positive perceptions about you unless the packaging boxes is also not aligned with sustainable standards. Pillow packages come with the added advantage of being eco-friendly, thanks to their making from recyclable Kraft material. This highlights the responsible nature of your brand that earns you good respect in the buyers’ circle and boosts your future sales.

Kraft pillow boxes are a fine approach as your product packaging solution because they are the ultimate ticket to instant popularity. They impart an easy identity to your brand and compel the target audience to take notice of your products. 



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