How to know if she's ready for Base 4.

Posted 6 years ago in LIFE STYLE.

Looking for signs to move past the third base? Read on to find out some....

How to know if she's ready for Base 4.

Women are mysterious beings and usually use signs and body language to convey intimate feelings more than words. If you've been seeing someone for a while now and are wildly attracted to her and wondering if you probably should be taking things to the next level, then watch out for some of the hints your partner might be sending your way. Here are some signs to show that she might be ready for Base 4:


#1. She feels comfortable around you.

The fact that she feels herself around you is one of the biggest signs that she's into you and trusts you with her most private and personal secrets. Take this as a sign and talk it out with her next time you go out.


#2. She's always looking for excuses to touch you more.

At dinner, while you’re walking together or when you’re out with friends, if she's just looking for an excuse to hold your hand, brush her lips slightly against your ear or your neck or just being physically close to you, then this could be a sign that she's looking for more from your side. 



#3. She wants to know if you're serious.

If she starts asking questions about your seriousness regarding her and relationship and where you see the relationship going in the future, take a hint. It could mean that she's serious about you and is genuinely considering taking things to the next level. 



#4. She initiates make-outs and dirty taking sessions.

Girls are generally shy when it comes to intiating make-outs or dirty talk but if she's taking the driver's seat in these things and sexting you more than usual then that could be a big sign that she's ready for Base 4



#5. She compliments you more often.

If she starts noticing little details and things about your behaviour and appearance and compliments you a little more than usual, then you can rest assured that she's completely into you and might be looking for a way to get the action started. 



#6. She licks or bites her lips around you.

Biting or licking lips is a highly seductive act and if she's consciously or subconsciously doing it around you then you can be pretty certain that she's definitely attracted to you and wants to get hot and heavy with you. 



#7. She gives sexual innuendos.

Generally, women don’t openly discuss sex with guys and sometimes feel shy even while talking about it with their boyfriends. But if she's being all double-meaning around you maybe through jokes or movies or suggestive glances then that means she's trying to get a point across and you clearly need to take things forward in bed.



#8. She dresses more seductively.

If she dresses normally otherwise but wears sexy, revealing clothes around you means that she's undoubtedly trying to seduce into appreciating her body and making love to her.



#9. You're always getting invited to her place.

You won’t come across a lot of women inviting you to their place, but if it happens, it may mean she wants to more than just kiss and make out. It might not always mean she wants to have sex but if she does invite you home she clearly wants to spend some alone time with you and who knows what that might lead to right? 



#10. She gets turned on by little things.

If she sounds more sensual than usual and gets turned on by even the small things like a kiss on the cheek or you holding her by the waist then you can bet that she’s ready for an intimate night with you. She won’t be able to hide the ecstasy in her voice if she’s turned on and you will be able to see it in the way she moves and talks around you.



Having said all that, despite all the signs it’s always better to talk to your partner and taking her consent before moving things forward. After all everybody loves a perfect gentleman and you'll just end up gaining more trust and love from your woman.