What e-wallets are used for today

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To pay for small purchases from the wallet is enough.

What e-wallets are used for today

An e-wallet helps you pay online, receive and send transfers securely, without giving up your personal details to the other party.

The user does not need to be told what bank account they have, give their card number or dictate their phone number. This is useful, for example, if a person is selling an old sofa on Amazon and does not want to get to know the buyer.
Wallets are also indispensable if you need to organise a public fundraiser - for example, for charity or to fund a crowdfunding project.

In addition to online transfers, the popular European wallets are now partially replacing banks for users: mobile wallet apps have all the functionality of the best bank apps, from utility bills to investments, and if you want, you can even issue a card with a cashback in such an app.

Electronic wallets provide users with convenient payments, as they allow them to transfer money with a minimal set of data (just a wallet number or link to a payment form).

How to open an e-wallet like https://askwallet.io/rebelion

Anyone with access to the internet can open an e-wallet. To do this you must go to the website of payment service, which you choose, and find item "Create a purse"/"Registration". Then you need to specify some data about yourself - login, e-mail, mobile phone number.

To pay for small purchases from the wallet is enough.

Those who provide their passport details will have more opportunities (this is called simplified identification). To use all the functions of the wallet, you will need to be fully authenticated. More often than not, you are asked to go into the office of the payment service or its partner - usually a company with a huge network of shops and salons

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