Havelock to Neil island ferry schedule

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Havelock to Neil Island ferry Booking. Get latest ferry timings from Havelock to Neil Island. Book Online ferry and travel hassle free.

Havelock to Neil island ferry schedule

How to reach from Havelock to Neil Island
Havelock and Neil Island are lovely tropical island settlements with a heavenly ambience split by the ocean and
without roads due to the oceanic stretch in between. As a result, ferry services are the sole means to travel from
Havelock to Neil Island. Ferries in the Andamans are quick, pleasant, and inexpensive.
The most economically viable way to reach Neil is by travelling on the ferries that operate between the two
islands all year long. Ferry services are offered by both government and private individuals on both the islands.
It takes around two hours to travel between the two islands as the distance is around 90 kilometres. The fastest
alternative available is the helicopter service but it will cost you a dime and you don’t want to incur maximum
expenses on transportation only.
Here are details of the transportation services available to the travellers;
In Andaman, there have been two types of ferry services:
1. A government-operated ferry
2. Ferries run by private firms or people
Government Ferries
1. For the government ferries one needs to keep in mind the following things:
2. One needs to reserve his ticket at least one day in advance from the travel date
3. The ticket can only be booked through the DSS office counter
4. There is no online booking for the government-operated ferries
5. The ferries are primarily meant for the transportation of residents
6. They sail every day and leave from the Havelock Jetties
7. Do not leave ferry bookings till the last moment because they are usually fully booked during high seasons.
8. Try to arrive at the dockyard an hour ahead of time to avoid last-minute congestion. Private over
government ferries
Private ferries from Havelock to Neil are a little more costly, but they are well worth the extra cost. Boats run on
time, are hygienic and well-organized, and have ferry staff on-site at all times to serve you. Booking system
makes things even easier for travellers, so prefer private boats over governmental ferries to avoid standing in
large lines for tickets. To avoid sabotaging your positive experiences.
Booking on a cruise is always an option
You might pick a cruise experience to make the most memorable journey of your life from Havelock to Neil
island. This option is slightly pricier than the ferry ride, but it is well worth the asking price. Private cruises
provide a peaceful journey on state-of-the-art boats. Now if you are spending a bit more go for it worth every
Helicopter services