How Can I Chat with Norton? Tech

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How Can I Chat with Norton? Tech

You can easily chat with Norton customer service. For that, you only need to ensure that you have walked through the steps provided below. Then the customer service team of Norton Antivirus is going to be there to help you out with your query. 

Procedure to reach out to the live chat option of Norton:

You need to walk through the steps below to chat with Norton. Then the live chat service is going to be there to rescue you from the issue you're facing.  

Via live chat: 

  • You need to access Norton's official website. 

  • Now on the top, you need to choose the button "Support." 

  • Once you have selected the support option, then on the new page, you need to choose the chat option. 

  • Open the chat icon, then select the options which are directly connected to the issue you have. 

  • You conversation will be connected to a live person. 

  • Now you only need to write up your query, and your problem will be fixed in a short period. 

Benefits of the live chat: 

There are several advantages you're going to have while making the use of a chat service. 

  • You can save the conversation once you have completed chatting with the customer service team. 

  • There will never be an issue with the language barrier in the chat option. That is because, at the beginning of the chat, you can choose the language you want to communicate with the customer service team. 

  • Chat service is going to be available for you seven days a week. 

You can phone up on the Norton customer service phone number. Once you have called on that number, then you'll be able to get the resolution from the person from the Norton Antivirus customer service. 

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