Cycling Tips For Urban Cyclists

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f you do not enjoy mountain biking or long-distance cycling to the countryside, then perhaps urban cycling is for you. 

Cycling Tips For Urban Cyclists

Cycling is fast becoming a popular activity in many countries. This activity has gained its love after the pandemic as people have realised the importance of the outdoors. Since its inception, cycling has come a long way, and we have categories of cycles available for different riding styles. Urban cycling or riding your cycle in a city environment is fast becoming a popular option for many. If you do not enjoy mountain biking or long-distance cycling to the countryside, then perhaps urban cycling is for you.

The urban cycle is a revolutionary form of cycling with many benefits, some of which are a greener environment and a fitter population. However, we must adhere to certain points which will help you out on your rides:

  1. Safety is pivotal: This point should not be disputed. Safety is important. While cycling is becoming quite popular, we must still be aware that most of the city's infrastructure is not created for cycling safely. The traffic is notorious, and it is easy to fall prey to an accident. We ask you to revise your cycling time and keep it close to hours when traffic is less. Cycling in the afternoon or early morning is one suggestion. Getting up early during the day is also a great way to enjoy the sunrise. 

  1. Pick the right cycle: Choosing the right cycle as per your cycling routine, your endurance and your goal is the most important aspect of cycling. Ninety One Cycles is a homegrown brand that manufactures cycles that boast of a thoughtful design and that fit everyone’s budget. You can choose from their range of mountain bikes, hybrid cycles, road cycles or even E-bikes. One of the best picks for an urban rider would be their road cycle - Tracer 700C. 

  1. Make it a part of your everyday life: Sometimes, we don't get the dedicated time required to pursue our favourite activities; in that case, we can make it a part of our daily routine. Instead of driving to work, we can start commuting to our offices on cycles. We can also run our errands on cycles. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Not only will you be taking care of your responsibilities, but you will also enjoy your hobbies. Commuting to work is also an interesting way to appear savvy, and the endorphins after the ride will also help you be more productive.


  1. Form a club: You can join or create your cycling club with friends and like-minded individuals. Cycling is a great activity to socialise over. Perhaps you and your group of friends could explore the city on the cycle, perhaps visit a historical monument that is a part of your city’s identity. The club can also be influential in promoting the importance of cycling. You can reach out to the local government and ask them to create special biking lanes or speak of other initiatives. This is a great cause to be a part of. 

  1. Wear the right gear: We must wear the right gear when cycling. We recommend that you wear bright clothes visible during foggy days or when it's raining. Make sure that your cycles have reflectors or lights attached to them; this makes it easier for other people to see them. Safety gear like elbow pads, knee pads and helmets are also important. 

We hope the cycling tips above will help you on your daily rides. Remember, like all activities, cycling also has advantages and disadvantages. Most of the disadvantages associated with cycling are related to safety. As mentioned above, make sure you prioritise your well-being over everything else.

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