How Can You Publish Research Paper Free of Cost?

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Communicating information that one has found through research is necessary as it allows other researchers to advance their work.

How Can You Publish Research Paper Free of Cost?

Communicating information that one has found through research is necessary as it allows other researchers to advance their work. Communication of the research objectives can be done in many different ways, such as through seminars, displaying posters, and publishing a research paper. Seminars, conferences and posters convey information to only a small group of real-time audience. However, research papers are ways to share information with large groups of people. People can access scientific information whenever or wherever they want by reviewing scientific papers. To publish research paper, you have to follow a series of steps from selection of Journal to receiving final notice of getting your work published. A common challenge that every publisher faces is the high cost of publishing articles in international Journals. This article is all about telling you ways to publish research paper for free. Let us take a look to know how you can do it.

Research Paper Publishing Is An Expensive Process:

To publish research paper, you need to have at least 500 $ in your pocket. Moreover, many journals demand many more. For example, BioMed Central charges $1600-1900 per article. At the same time, the BMJ publishing group demands $1800-3900 for publishing an article. Thus, to publish research paper, you must have an ample amount of money in your pocket. Many of you may wonder why the research paper charges too much or why they need to charge at all. The simple reason for these charges is that they need finance to maintain the technical operations or support the articles’ processing. The authors submit their work to the journals, then the Journal has to maintain software to store the manuscript and allow editors to monitor the review process that needs financial support.

Ways To Get Your Work Published For Free:

Many new research and dissertation writers do not have this amount to get their work published. To publish research paper in a reputed journal, you must first select it. The journal selection must be very wise. Thus, the first step to publish research paper is to select a journal that does not require charges:

Step 1: Select A Free Journal To Publish Research Paper:

For selecting a free journal to publish research paper, you can follow two steps. The first one is to Google the inexpensive and free of cost journals of your field of interest. From the list, you can select the one that best suits your research interests. Simultaneously, the second way is to use JournalFinder tools to learn more about the Journal. JournalFinder is powered by Elsevier Fingerprint Engine. It has a smart search technology interface that allows you to search field-of-research-specific vocabularies to match your article.

A wise selection of free Journal can further be easy by following these tips:

  • Make a list of journals and immediately exclude those who charge money more than than you afford.
  • Read the Journal’s scope and aims to confirm whether you have selected the right Journal.
  • Use Journal metrics to know about the impact of the Journal.
  • If research is of postdoc level, then visit the postdoc free access program.

Following these ways and tips, you can definitely select a good journal to publish research paper. Furthermore, it is not easy to publish research paper in journals that is absolutely free. The only way to maximise chances to publish research papers for free is to submit high-quality work.

Step 2: Prepare Research Paper For Submission:

A high-quality research paper can be produced by following a good template. Search for the article that best resembles the paper of your interest. Selection of Journal before writing a paper allows a writer to follow a specific ‘guide for authors’ of Journals. Guide for authors is usually present on the front page of the Journal.

You can also increase the quality of your paper by following the ‘publishing process guide’. The author’s rights, Journal metrics, ethics, and plagiarism are some important things that can help you better draft an article. The publishing guide also contains information for preparing your paper, such as article structure, abstract, keywords and highlights. 

When it comes to cite extra data into your research paper, data visualisation and data statement matter greatly. Data enriched with interactive visualisation and context with proper references can also increase the quality of your data. High-resolution imagery, 3D models, and geospatial maps help make your data more presentable and easy to read for readers. Proper guidelines for data sharing are also available on the Journals’s home pages. Also, while sharing data in a research paper, confidentiality of data must not be violated. You can ask a good PhD dissertation help service to review your research paper.

Step 3: Submit And Revise:

For submitting a research paper, you must proofread, revise, and repeat a few steps to ensure quality content submission using the online Journal system. The online system of submission varies greatly from Journal to Journal. Once you submit your work at the online portal, editors review it and send you a revision, if any. Submit your article again by carefully completing the revision. It can help you to publish your work sooner or later.

Step 4: Track Your Paper:

Tracking the progress of your research paper is now become easy. The system for tracking the paper and submitting paper is the same. You can use the reference number to track the submitted paper. It is the submission status option on the journals’ website that facilities authors to track the paper.

Final Thoughts:

Research paper publication helps researchers to communicate their scientific findings with other members of a community. It is a lengthy process that is expensive and demands long term commitment from researchers. To publish research paper for free, you must search for Journals that allow you to publish your work without paying any additional fees. However, to publish research paper for free, you have to further improve the quality of content in the paper. Thus, to publish research paper, your commitment and efforts matter more than the amount of money in your pocket.