How to Fix a Dripping One Handle Kitchen Faucet

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The first step in fixing a dripping one handle kitchen faucet is to remove the handle.

How to Fix a Dripping One Handle Kitchen Faucet
The first step in fixing a dripping one handle kitchen faucet by Nivito ( is to remove the handle. 
To do so, you will need a small screwdriver, or another similar tool.
To get to the screw, unscrew the handle from the retaining cap, which holds the handle in place.
Next, use a small Allen wrench to unscrew the screw that secures the handle.
Once the screw is out, the handle should easily come off.
If you notice the screw is rusted or corroded, you can use penetrating oil to break up the rust or sediment that is in the threads.
Remove the handle
Once you've removed the handle, you can easily remove the cartridge.
First, remove the faucet handle. This may require some skill and a bit of patience.
If you have a screwdriver, you can try removing it by unscrewing it with a small screwdriver.
You can purchase replacement cartridges at hardware stores or home improvement stores.
If the cartridge is leaking, you can use a new screwdriver to remove it.
The dripping one handle kitchen faucet can also be caused by worn O-rings.
These O-rings need to be replaced if they're causing the leaks.
Pull the spout up to access them.
However, if the leaks persist, you may need to remove the handle or other parts in order to access the spout. If the O-rings are still not working, you can purchase replacement parts at a hardware store or plumbing supply store. To ensure that your replacements are identical, you will want to take the old parts to a plumbing supply store or a hardware store for a replacement. Replace the cartridge The most common cause of a leaking from the base is a problem with the O-rings. When they become worn, the water begins to leak out, and the water is allowed to build up inside the pipes. To prevent this problem, you should replace the O-rings or clean the stem. Sometimes, the leaks occur from the base, which is caused by worn-out O-rings and debris around the O-rings. Alternatively, you can try replacing the cartridge. Need a flathead screwdriver To remove the handles, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Then, you can remove the top screw cover and then unscrew the screws that hold the handles. Next, unscrew the inner valve stem and pull it out. If this fails, you can use penetrating oil to loosen it up. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Then, put the new handle back in its place.