How To Fix Roku Not Connecting To Internet

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How To Fix Roku Not Connecting To Internet

Are you facing a problem with your Roku WIFI or you are unable to connect to the internet properly? Then you should not panic. In this post, learn the troubleshooting solutions to Fix Roku Not Connecting To the Internet.

Just follow these solutions now to quickly solve the issue.

Solutions to Fix Roku Not Connecting To the Internet:

Solution 1: Verify the Internet Connection

First, verify whether the Internet Connection is working properly or not, because often a temporary outage and poor signal can cause this problem. Also, ensure that your Roku is connected to Wi-Fi accurately.

Solution 2: Restart your Roku

Go to the home screen, then the Roku remote. Scroll down to ‘Settings’ section. Then access the ‘Settings menu’, and then again scroll down to the ‘System Restart’. Hit on the ‘Restart’ and then ‘OK’ button.

Solution 3: Reset your WiFi Router and Modem

If the above solution does not work, then try restarting your WiFi router and modem, and Fix Roku Not Working issue.

Solution 4: Repositioning Roku Modem

Try to reposition the Roku device, which means moving closer to your router and modem to your Roku, which may recover the Wi-Fi signal.

Solution 5: Connect an Ethernet Cable to Roku

Try to close to your router which assumes plugging in an Ethernet cable for a more reliable wired connection and also faster net speeds.

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