How can I Reset My Password on Gmail?

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Dial 1-806-425-2438 to Contact Gmail Support or Read This Blog How can I Reset My Password on Gmail?

How can I Reset My Password on Gmail?

Procedure to reset the Gmail password

There are times when you want to reset or change your Gmail account password due to security reasons or forget the same password. You can reset the Gmail password on your own by doing the below steps:

  • You need to open the Gmail account recovery page on your device.
  • After that, you need to enter the email id you need to recover and tap on the forget password option.
  • With this, you need to choose the recovery email or phone option to get the security code.
  • Once you receive the code, you need to enter that code in the required field and proceed further.
  • After that, you need to enter the new strong password and re-enter the same password in the given column.
  • Once you tap on the confirm button, you will successfully reset the password and get the confirmation message at your recovery email id.
  • You need to sign in to the Gmail account again with the new password.

If you do not reset the password yourself, you can reach the google support team and take their help. You can find different contact details in the Gmail help section and reset my Gmail password from the customer support team when your call connects. They are experts and provide you with effective solutions.

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