How to welcome your team with custom office supplies?

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It's been over a year since companies all around the world were compelled to change their daily operations and operate remotely full-time, it's been over a year. Your crew may finally be ready to return to work after a long vacation. So, are you ready for a change?

How to welcome your team with custom office supplies?

Fortunately, varied custom office supplies are the first step towards welcoming your employees back with a positive and motivating attitude!


Because remote working was merely a short-term workaround, it didn't really matter. About 39% of workers say they still prefer to work in an office, while 40% prefer to work from home. As a result, many of us may find it difficult to return to our regular work routines, particularly those on the WFH team who have become used to their new surroundings.


Managing a team isn't always easy, but it may be made a little easier with custom office supplies, which include anything from professional stationery to unique office gifts. It won't be easy to go back to work after the lockdown, so show your gratitude to your coworkers by choosing one of these presents.


Personalized Stationery for Business


Pens & Pencils that are made to your specifications


It's always a good idea to have a supply of pens on hand for the first day back at work. And don't forget about an assortment of unusual pens and pencils for all of your writing and sketching requirements! There are a variety of types and designs of personalized office supplies to choose from when it comes to using pens. Inspire others or just include your company's name or motto. You have the power to make the final decision!


Custom Rulers and Bookmarks


There are few things more essential to a graphic design or architectural firm than rulers. Every designer's workstation should have one of these personalized rulers or bookmarks. If you're looking for a unique way to express your appreciation to your employees, a ruler is a great way to do it. It's easy to change any of these settings; all you have to do is add your own!


Personalized Sticky Notepads


Sticky notepads are a popular custom-printed office product of ours. To-do lists are essential for a team of Type A people, and a custom notepad has a variety of sticky notes to suit their needs. There are over 100 patterns to pick from, and you may tailor each pad to fit your needs. The best part is that you can make them as goofy and comical as you want or as professional as you want by including your corporate logo. 


Notepads with Personalized Colors


Using bulk office supplies like these notepads may help alleviate some of the tension that comes with returning to the workplace for some of your employees. Coloring is no longer only for kids; it can be used as a kind of therapy for adults as well! Whether you're a child or an adult, picking up a coloring pencil may be fun. Your personalized colored notepads are a great way to give your employees some stress-relieving doodling time.


Individually crafted Hand Fan


For a one-of-a-kind workplace present, give your employees a personalized hand fan. A hand fan may do wonders when the air conditioning isn't working as well as it should amid searing and oppressive heat. Custom hand fans, such as a heart-shaped fan or a house-shaped fan, are available from the best suppliers. As an option, you may even include your own artwork or personal message. 


Coffee Mugs with a personal touch


On the first day back, who gets to go around and have coffee with everyone? It doesn't matter who does it, as long as everyone gets their own personalized coffee mugs to sip from. These mugs may also be customized to your specifications. You may have your company's logo printed on the whole mug, or you can personalize each one for each member of your staff with a different piece of art. Just be sure to let the personalized gifts wholesale supplier know exactly how you want your order customized. Consider making them light-hearted or inspirational. You get to make the call.


Design Your Own Mousepad


You can't go wrong with a personalized mouse pad as a thank you present for your employees. A custom mouse pad with a motivational message is a great way to get your employees up and going in the morning. Add your phrase or corporate logo to one of four backdrop colors, and then let your suppliers do the rest. Custom-printed office supplies may be purchased in bulk quantities, making this a wonderful choice for ordering supplies for every member of your staff.


The Bottom Line


Remind yourself that returning to work is only the beginning of a new phase. Working from home for one year will require an adjustment to a new work environment and culture. It's especially important for new hires who may have started in the last year. You should keep this in mind when you're deciding on what to give your employees as a thank you present. You can first acquire and get personalized office supplies wholesale prices imprinted with your logos and brand names as per your convenience.

Employees returning to work should be made to feel welcome. Everybody can come back together and create deeper connections and collaborate more effectively. Welcome back your workers in style by giving them these wholesale custom office supplies as a gesture of gratitude.

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