Top 10 Poker Software and Tools for 2022

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This article covers the best poker app software for Windows and Mac.

Top 10 Poker Software and Tools for 2022

Become A Better Poker Player With The Best Poker Software And Tools

To be a successful online poker player, you need to use high-quality software and tools. The use of poker tools by professionals and aspiring professionals are common. The game is enhanced by a variety of tools that players can use. In some cases, opponents' hands and play are monitored in real time, which provides useful statistics for making decisions.

Despite the fact that real-time HUD best poker tournament manager software is becoming more common, providers are still using it. This trend is likely to continue for some time to come.

Whether you're a casual player, a professional, or simply someone looking to improve, this article covers the best poker app software for Windows and Mac.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Poker Tools?

You do not need to purchase each program listed here. Depending on the type of game you play, your goals, and so on, it may not be worth spending time and money on something that doesn't make a substantial difference to your enjoyment or results. Further, it's helpful to have a certain level of poker knowledge or experience to make the most of this kind of best poker tournament manager software. In spite of this, even if you're just getting started with poker, the following is quite interesting to read since it gives insight into what elements of the game are significant enough to warrant software tools.

You will learn more about the game and become a better player with whatever poker tool you choose!

What Is The Top Poker Software For 2022?


Featuring the best poker software available in 2022, this is the most complete guide ever written on poker software. In 2022, we will be asked more questions about the best poker software and tools. Our understanding is the same as yours. There's a lot to learn!


Our article will also give you a detailed overview of the best free poker software tools for 2022. A number of benefits will also be associated with using each of these poker software tools. It is the purpose of this guide to help serious poker players increase their winnings.

1. PokerTracker 4


According to me, this is the best poker tracking software and HUD available right now. The article on poker HUDs explains what they are in detail if you are not familiar with them.


Nowadays, poker players who are serious about their poker game need a good poker tracking program and HUD. Over the last few years, we have won thousands of dollars more with PokerTracker. HUDs (heads-up displays) are available on most online poker sites, providing detailed information about your opponents. Several people believe that PokerTracker is only useful for the HUD (stats on your screen). There is a lot more to the story than this. 


2. BlackRain79 Elite Poker University


Various betting strategies, tournaments, Zoom, 6max, live poker, and online poker are covered in this advanced poker training program. As we show you how to win against all 5 major types of players, no stone is left unturned. You will learn how to play optimally against each of these player types if you struggle against any of them. The top Zoom and Tournament strategies today's pros use to stay competitive and ahead are revealed. You'll be crushing Zoom poker games now with these top bluffing tips, including Zoom poker-specific bluffs. This is the best poker game tool you can find.


3. Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

Do you play poker tournaments? Is it possible that Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu is going to teach a MasterClass poker course? As far as poker accomplishments go, Negreanu's are pretty impressive. With a staggering 40 million dollars in earnings, he is the most successful poker player of all time.


There are 33 video lessons in the MasterClass by Daniel Negreanu. 

  • Read their poker hand by picking up on their tells 
  • Beating good players with bluffs and bets 
  • Poker tournament winning strategies


4. Phil Ivey MasterClass

Phil Ivey's MasterClass is our next recommended poker software tool. It's very simple to understand why. A record-breaking amount of money has been made by Phil Ivey in the history of poker. His live tournament winnings total $26 million dollars. Additionally, he has won another $19 million dollars at online poker tables, making him the leading online poker player in history. As a result, many people believe Phil Ivey's actual lifetime earnings are far greater due to the fact that he plays ultra high stakes private (untracked) cash games. Phil Ivey is, in our opinion, the best poker player ever to play the game. There is no way around the numbers. So That's why when we heard they were launching a new MasterClass, we jumped at the chance. The poker secrets of Phil Ivey have never been revealed before.

5. PokerSnowie

Using PokerSnowie, you can improve your poker game and ultimately make more money at the poker table. With PokerSnowie, you can learn how to become unexploitable in both cash games and tournaments. The PokerSnowie software provides you with the information you need for making the most mathematically correct decisions at every turn. It Makes it impossible to read poker players by balancing your ranges in all possible scenarios. When you get to the higher stakes, PokerSnowie's GTO (game theory optimal) approach really changes how poker is played. See for yourself by challenging it!

6. Poker Copilot

Almost all major online poker sites support Poker Copilot, another poker HUD option. Simplicity and a slimmed-down approach are the main draws of Poker Copilot. There are no bells or whistles to be heard. There are no problems with the software. As soon as you install Poker Copilot HUD, you can start playing poker. Using Poker Copilot, you can accurately read your opponents' HUD stats. If you want to read the full review of Poker Copilot and watch a walkthrough of it, you can find it here. It is worth considering Poker Copilot as a reasonable alternative to PokerTracker if you want a slimmed-down poker HUD. In spite of PokerCopilot's limited stats and opportunities for improving your game, it remains a good tool for beginners.

7. PokerStrategy Equilab

Next, let's discuss poker equity tools. You can use an equity tool to determine the odds of winning a pot based on a poker hand versus a range. Poker students would benefit greatly from this tool. These programs have been a source of endless hours of gaming for me over the years. Therefore, whenever we play poker, we usually know the right play. Unlike most people, we don't need to do some complicated math or stop and think about it. In terms of poker equity tools, PokerStrategy's Equilab is definitely one of the best options. What's even better? You can use it for free. Equilab by PokerStrategy allows you to perform detailed equity analysis on your hand before, during, and after the flop.

8. Poker Income Bankroll Tracker

Do you want to track your winnings when you play live poker? As far as poker software goes, Poker Income Bankroll Tracker is the best. With this app, you can track everything on iOS and Android. Never again use a pen and paper! In this poker winning tracking software, you can keep track of your cash games, tournaments, Omaha, texas hold'em, and others, as well as your daily, monthly, and yearly winnings. The length of your average poker session and your hourly rate can also be calculated. Even track your tipping with this app!

9. The Poker Timer

Playing poker at home with friends is something you enjoy? If you want to hold your own tournament or sit and go home, you can use the Poker Timer. As you play in a poker tournament, this tool keeps track of blind levels, antes (if any), time left, etc. Blind levels and ante levels can be adjusted according to your preferences. You are guided through the levels by a built-in tournament host. As well as creating and saving your own tournaments, calculating rebuys and add-ons, and calculating payouts, the premium version allows you to record your own tournaments.

10. ShareMyPair

Sharing your poker hands with friends has never been easier with ShareMyPair. With its easy-to-use visual replayer, you will be able to see how your poker hands are progressing. The results of these poker hands are also great for sharing on social media or forums. This hand will be followed by a speech, you know! Sharing live poker hands is easy with ShareMyPair. There are many options available, such as stack sizes, hands, player types, and cards.


Generally, we would recommend it to anyone who wants to share their poker hands-on social media or with their friends. Additionally, it's free. That's unbeatable!


  • The Android version of ShareMyPair can be downloaded here.
  • The iOS version of ShareMyPair can be downloaded here.


As of mid-2022, ShareMyPair appears to be due for discontinuation. It would be great if this outstanding piece of software could be revived.



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