How To Choose The Best Logo Mat

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How To Choose The Best Logo Mat

Choosing a logo mat may not appear to be the most important decision to make when running a business.

However, getting the right logo mat can help you make an excellent first impression at a low cost. Similarly, the wrong mat, or a low-quality offering that appears old and damaged, does not indicate a thriving business.

Making the right decision should not be difficult, but there are a few things to consider.


Logo Mats will never be considered expensive; the price will vary depending on the type of mat chosen.

Printed logo mats will be less expensive. Coir logo door mats - Coir is a natural fiber derived from coconut husk that is commonly used in doormats, brushes, and scrapes.

A brightly printed mat would most likely cost less, whereas a coir mat would cost more - the exact price depending on size and design complexity.

An outdoor printed rubber entrance mat would be less expensive than an outdoor brush mat.

Set against the budget is the fact that these mats create a visual identity for the business that cannot be easily created so cheaply by other means - for example, signage on the property or window engraving is far more expensive.

Those on the most limited of budgets, on the other hand, should consider printed mats over coir and brush alternatives.

Design Completion

A complex design can be incorporated into any type of logo mat, but the process and finished look vary.

The color and complexity of the design are irrelevant with a printed mat. The price is unaffected, and the printer can accurately recreate whatever design was entered. Perhaps the only concern is that a too complex design might not produce the desired calming effect!

Coir and brush mats are made to order and have a limited color palette. They appear classy and refined, but will not be an option if you require hot pink and luminous colors.

A coir or brush mat demonstrates quality by having a handcrafted appearance, with the design woven into the mat rather than printed on top.

The Mat's Location

Another factor to consider when selecting a mat is its intended location.

A mat within an office building or retail mall may not have the same requirement for dirt catching; instead, being bright and vibrant may be the most important consideration. If the mat is at the front desk, for example, few people are likely to use it to wipe their feet; it is purely a visual identifier.

An outdoor mat must withstand the elements and thus has a higher duty rating than one designed solely for indoor use.


Concerns about the mat's durability are linked to the location. Will it be exposed to the elements? Is it likely to be spilled on or have hundreds of wet pairs of shoes walk over it every day?

Is it the barrier to an expensive floor and so absorbency is critical if the damage is to be avoided as people walk further into the building?

Spending a little more on the mat can result in far greater overall savings; for example, the 'Premium Entrance Mat,' our most absorbent and durable of these mats, will reduce the amount of cleaning required and extend the life of the floor.

Seek Professional Help

You might not know which entrance mat is the best option if you don't know you need one. You may like the look of one style but be unsure whether it is appropriate for your situation.

You may have a list of requirements for the mat and want the cheapest option that meets all of them-it must help wipe the dirt, it must withstand the elements, and it must include specific colors.

Rather than agonizing for hours and still being uncertain, call us or use our contact form and we will gladly advise. Ultimate mats answer any question as the leading provider of logo mats for businesses.



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