What are the average fees of IAS coaching in Delhi?

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Clearing the IAS exam is a dream of many students but they don't try their fortune and ability because of the fees required for IAS exam preparation.


What are the average fees of IAS coaching in Delhi?

How to assess the average fees of IAS coaching in Delhi

Clearing the IAS exam is a dream of many students but they don't try their fortune and ability because of the fees required for IAS exam preparation. The cost of IAS coaching in Delhi is of course higher than a decade ago due to the increase in the inflation rate in the nation.

There are many expenses that are involved and have to be analyzed in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. In this article, we will discuss all these factors that you should know for estimating the right cost required for UPSC preparation.


Factors involved in the average fees of IAS exam coaching

IAS exam is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country that gives lifelong financial security, the satisfaction of serving the country and prestige in society. This is the main reason behind the flourishing of coaching institutes for IAS Exam preparation all over the country.

Every year the number of IAS applicants is increasing. So a lot of factors need to be considered like preparation without coaching or the city where the candidate is taking coaching, cost of living or accommodation etc. Let us discuss all these factors in detail, it will definitely help you in predicting the right cost or average free for the preparation of IAS exams.


Average fees for IAS exam preparation

Even a small IAS academy charges around 50 k to 1.5k for the preparation of IAS prelims and mains exam. The charges are separate for optional subject preparation on an average of 30k to 45k. And, you will also need to take part in the test series which will cost separately up to 20k. Moreover, yearly subscriptions to current affairs magazines and newspapers also cost around 5k.

In other words, taking coaching and UPSC study material for the preliminary exam and mains would cost around 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. This estimate may vary from city to city or place to place.

The first time for the IAS exam is the best because you will have unmatched energy and enthusiasm but this energy decreases as the number of attempts increase and expenses are also a matter to think about. Generally, candidates who shifted to other cities move back to their hometown and don't want to repeat coaching. Therefore, you can reduce expenses by reducing the number of attempts.


Is coaching necessary?

If a candidate decides not to take any coaching and go for self-study then they have to think about many points. No doubt many candidates crack the UPSC exam without taking coaching but it is not possible for all the students because they are not extraordinary. For an average student, coaching is good to ensure focused and plant studies. If you prefer self-study because you want isolation and stay away from distractions you can also join online coaching at an affordable fee.

UPSC coaching is available online for which you will need to buy the video lectures of renowned faculties. Youth Destination offers interactive video lectures and candidates also get their doubts solved easily.


Best place of preparation

Fee structure and expenses incurred for preparing for the IAS exam depend on the city where you are planning to live. There are many aspirants from small towns where there are no coaching institutes for the preparation of the IAS exam. Therefore, such students move to metro cities like Delhi to prepare for achieving their dreams. No doubt, when you move to another city it also includes the cost of living such as room, meals, water, light bills, transportation etc.

Delhi is considered the hub of the best coaching institute for the preparation of the IAS exams. Most of the IAS coaching institutes are located in Mukherjee Nagar where the cost of living is quite high around 12,000 a month.

However, if you think that your financial limitation would not allow you to take the best IAS coaching in Delhi you may also consider some other options like online classes that cost you less than offline classes.



If you dream of becoming an IAS officer then choosing the best IAS Coaching in Delhi is a key factor that can bring you closer to your dream. Therefore, invest in the right IAS coaching in Delhi institute to shape your future and attain your goals.

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