Patio Tables Market: Competitive Analysis and Global Outlook 2021-2026

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The Market report provides critical insights on the market size, share, trend, forecasts, and opportunity analysis.

Patio Tables Market: Competitive Analysis and Global Outlook 2021-2026

Stratview Research has published a new report on the Patio Tables Market, segmented By Product (Metal, Plastic, Wooden, Others), By Application (Hotels, Restaurants, Residential, Other), and Region.

This market research report provides in-depth information on trends, dynamics, revenue opportunities, competitive landscape, and recent developments in the global artificial intelligence as a service market.

Market Highlights

Some of the factors driving the growth of this market include the rising trend in outdoor living, an increase in disposable income, and lifestyle changes. Furthermore, the growing popularity of leisure activities such as dining out and barbecue has resulted in an increase in demand for sophisticated outdoor furniture such as patio tables. On the other side, the high cost of building patios and the scarcity of competent labor are projected to stifle growth. Patio tables are pieces of outdoor furniture that are specifically meant to be placed on a patio. Patios frequently have lighting and power outlets for the guests' convenience.

To know more about the covid impact on the market, click here:

Covid Impact

Covid-19 has impacted the market dynamics, competition, and global supply chain of every possible market one can think of. The revenues for many, have gone down in 2020 and may resume an uptrend gradually from 2021. Companies optimizing their operations and strategy will sustain and beat the competition.

Segmentation –

This report studies the Patio Tables Market and has segmented the market in a few ways, keeping in mind the concentration of all the stakeholders across the value chain. Following are the ways in which the market has been segmented in the report:

Based on application, the Patio Tables market has been divided into Hotels, Restaurants, Residential, Other.  The Residential accounted for the largest market share in 2020. Patio tables are frequently found in outdoor living rooms on residential patios. While entertaining guests, the table provides plenty of area for serving dishes or refreshments. It also comes in a variety of shapes (rectangular, circular).

By region, the North America Patio Tables market accounted for the largest share in 2020 and is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the review period. The growing popularity of outdoor living, more disposable income, and lifestyle changes are driving the demand for patio tables in North America.

The Asia Pacific Patio Tables market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the review on account of the growth of the major end-use industries. Asia Pacific's growing economies, such as China, India, and Australia, have had considerable growth rates in recent years, and this, combined with changing lifestyles, has led to a surge in demand for high-quality patios that provide convenience both indoors and outdoors.

Following are the key players in the Patio Tables Market:

  • Kettal
  • Fermob
  • Adams
  • Feruci
  • Summer Classics
  • Suncoast Furniture
  • Ratana
  • CabanaCoast
  • Heritage Outdoor Living
  • Texacraft
  • Kingsley-Bate

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