Blockchain game development company

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A blockchain is a large digital ledger of data that stores information about certain assets.

Blockchain game development company

A blockchain is a large digital ledger of data that stores information about certain assets. But these assets themselves can be, just like in the real world, different - they can be crypto-currencies (which will be a digital analogue of money), or they can be digital objects (to put it simply, a digital analogue of objects). Currencies will have exclusively economic value and will be completely fungible (you can exchange one bitcoin for another and nothing will change), but objects will be valuable not only in economic terms, and simply replacing one with another will not work (for example, two different digital pictures will not be interchangeable). Such unique digital objects recorded on the blockchain are called NFTs (non-fungible tokens, or non-fungible tokens). These include digital game assets (for example, swords, shields, cards). Strictly speaking, in theory there are different opinions about whether fully interchangeable game assets (for example, swords that exist in a volume of 100 pieces and do not have unique characteristics) should be classified as NFTs, but in practice they are called that way.
In blockchain games, assets are created and stored on the blockchain, and when you receive them, they go into your blockchain wallet (for example, they are sent to your Ethereum address). Therefore, when you exit the game, they do not disappear. In addition, when you enter another game, this game reads information about your assets - and they will appear there too.

The mission of our Blockchain Games development team is to create a state-of-the-art gaming platform where players or developers can fully own their digital property through the blockchain.

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