How can I Get Hold of United Airlines?

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Dial 1-805-209-1812 to get a hold of United airlines or follow this blog How can I Get Hold of United Airlines?

How can I Get Hold of United Airlines?

Assuming you have purchased tickets on United airlines. After that, if you wish to modify the ticket, you can get a hold of United airlines and gather information and assistance on the ticket modifications.

Method to connect with United airlines:

Call on the customer service number: To get hold of United airlines for various queries and concerns, you can call on customer service and talk to a person and have a detailed conversation. To call, try the steps below:

  • Dial 1 800 864 8331
  • Hear the IVR 
  • Use the specific numbers according to your query
  • Use the number for speaking to a United Airlines person.

Chat with a United Airlines person: Sometimes customers need to connect with customer service more than once, and it is often difficult to get through the number; in such cases, the live chat window is available on the official website. To clarify the doubts through texts:

  • Go to
  • Click on help 
  • Click on chat with us tab
  • A chat window will come up on the screen
  • Choose the topic of query
  • Enter your message
  • Send it to the United airlines representative.

Send messages from social media handles: United Airlines encourages customers to use the pages on social media platforms for both urgent and general queries. Additionally, you also get many updated information about the scheduled flights on the following pages:


If you download the United Airlines app on your mobile, you can also get included in the email list of passengers and get all the queries answered for How can i get hold of United airlines for guidance.

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