How DP 100 training helps data scientists to Design & Implement Data Science solutions on Azure

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Anyone planning to pursue a DP 100 training program needs to know the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals at least. Read this blog to know more.

How  DP 100 training helps data scientists to  Design & Implement Data Science solutions on Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services that address the daily workflow of a data scientist. DP 100 training programs teach how these Azure services work in sync to enable distinctive parts of a workflow. You can learn how to manage machine learning solutions at a cloud scale by using Azure ML through such programs.

DP 100 courses help you learn how to leverage your existing ML and Python knowledge. This includes model training and deployment, managing data ingestion, and preparation. It also includes ML solution monitoring in Microsoft Azure. 

You will eventually gain a good understanding of the data science process. You can also learn how to utilize solutions within Microsoft Azure to support it. DP 100 programs pave the way for delving into ML deployment and modern training. This aids in using a higher degree of automation within your data science projects.

Machine Learning is revolutionizing a large number of industries, which includes data science. By pursuing a DP 100 course, you will be in a position to review machine learning capabilities in Microsoft Azure. You will subsequently learn how to use it properly for model management, monitoring, selection automation, and local model training.

What Will You Achieve with DP 100 Training? 

  • High level of understanding about Azure data science-related services
  • Dig deeper into Azure Machine Learning service and data science services 
  • Navigate the Azure portal and learn how to leverage its functionalities  
  • Become familiarized with the Azure data storage technologies
  • Manage and Monitor Machine Learning Models with the Azure Machine Learning service
  • Learn how to use Data Science with Azure Machine Learning service
  • Automate Machine Learning with Azure Machine Learning service

Anyone planning to pursue a DP 100 training program needs to know the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals at least. They must also have a basic understanding of data science, especially when preparing data, training models, and evaluating models to select the best one. Good knowledge of Python programming language and using Python libraries like pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, and seaborn can also be a massive help while pursuing a DP 100 course.

The Role of Data Scientists

Data Scientists have a significant role to play when it comes to developing machine learning models. While data engineers prepare the data to be used for the models, the data scientist determines what data is needed for model training. 

Data scientists also choose what machine model to use, create model features from data, train and evaluate the model. Data scientists must evaluate several models to determine which one performs the best. To capably complete all these tasks, data scientists would need adequate knowledge and skills. This is where DP 100 training comes in. Such programs are aimed at data scientists and any other professionals whose significant responsibilities lie in training and deploying machine learning models. 

Avail a course that helps you learn the basics of DP 100. Make sure to have some knowledge of Data Science to truly excel in the program and have the basics covered.  



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